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Client-Focused Attorneys Providing Counsel, Advice And The Tools You Need To Resolve Your Family’s Legal Issues

How to get ready for a custody hearing

In the state of Texas, you generally have the right to seek custody of your kids. The exact terms of a potential custody arrangement will typically be decided at the conclusion of a court hearing. Here’s a closer look at the steps that you should take to maximize your odds of obtaining guardianship of your children after a separation or divorce.

Gather evidence that establishes your fitness to be a parent

Statements from your child’s doctors or teachers may show that your son or daughter thrives while in your care. Tax returns, bank statements or pay stubs may show that you are financially capable of supporting your child for the next several years. Phone, email or text message logs help prove to a judge that you do whatever you can to maintain a quality relationship with your child.

Make sure you have appropriate clothes to wear to court

If you can, it’s a good idea to wear business attire to a court hearing. Make sure that whatever you do wear is clean and appropriate to have on while in public. By showing respect to the court, you demonstrate your understanding that a child custody hearing is a serious matter.

Don’t talk about the hearing before it takes place

It’s generally in your best interest to avoid talking about the hearing to your friends or family members before it happens. This is because anything that you discuss with these individuals could make it back to your child’s other parent or that person’s attorney. It’s especially important to not say anything to your child’s other parent as it is the only way to ensure that you don’t say anything offensive or inflammatory that could hurt your case.

Adequately preparing for a child custody hearing may make it easier to obtain legal or physical guardianship of your son or daughter. If you are denied custody rights, it may still be possible to retain the right to visit, call or otherwise stay in touch with your child.